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  Design Tips on Selective Pallet Racking
  Comparison between alternative storage systems
  Comparison between alternative storage systems



The following will compare the most commonly seen storage systems in Hong Kong, namely Selective, Double Deep and Drive-In Pallet Racking.

We assume the systems are being setup in a specific warehouse. The table illustrates the difference between these systems in terms of Storage Capacity, Number of Racks, Floor Utilization, Stock Rotation, and whether Specialist Handling Equipments are required to operate the systems.


Warehouse Data

Area : 1250 sq.m. (50m x 25m)

Height : 5 M

  Storage Capacity (pallets) Number of Racks Floor Utilization Stock Rotation Specialist Handling Equipment Layout Samples


1360 170 bays 31% Random Access No

Double Deep

1904 238 bays 47% LIFO Yes

Drive-In / Drive-Through

2816 96 rows 67%






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